Animal Crossing Colourpop & Puma: What cross-border product should be the next

2021-12-08 05:37:18 By : Mr. Joker Wu

Animal Crossing's cross-border cooperation with ColourPop and Puma has been successful, which opened the door for more cooperation with different brands.

With the release of New Horizons, Animal Crossing has soared in popularity and has produced numerous cross-border products with brands such as ColourPop and Puma. The series is now suitable for many different kinds of goods, including ColourPop's various cosmetics inspired by Animal Crossing NPC and island fruits, and Puma's sneakers. Over the years, the cute aesthetics of "Animal Crossing" has always attracted players of various Nintendo game consoles, and now its products are also the same.

Animal Crossing found that most of the various product types it placed have achieved great success. Most of ColourPop's products were sold out in less than half an hour after the first run, and Puma shoes are being restocked. Other crossover product series have achieved similar success, among which the Build-a-Bear Workshop Animal Crossing plush toys are particularly popular. Even the cover of the Japanese planning brand Hobonichi with the theme of 2022 New Vision is the best-selling product of its A6 size series and the second best-selling product of its A5 product series.

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Animal Crossing cross-border products have almost unlimited potential to succeed. However, the next best product is the product adjacent to the already released product. The categories of these products perform well based on how close they are to the products that have been successful, but their differences are enough to encourage fans to buy them and use them with the products they have already purchased. At the same time, the more types of products on offer, the more audiences will buy them. For example, after the initial success of the ColourPop Animal Crossing make-up series, other cosmetics and fashion items will certainly do well. So far, some of the best products that Animal Crossing can match with are nail care, bags and stationery, because they will strike the best balance between the established consumer base and future growth potential.

The Animal Crossing ColourPop series includes eye shadow palettes, pressed powder blushes, and even lip glosses, but they are not used for nails. The brand dipped fingers in nail polish as early as 2017, but has since focused on skin care products. The success of ColourPop's collaboration with Animal Crossing shows that there is a great demand for Animal Crossing theme cosmetics, and nail care products seem to be the next logical step.

Brands like Sinful Colors offer countless nail polish colors, come in a variety of finishes, and can easily be themed with different Animal Crossing character color schemes. The brand has used uniquely shaped confetti in its colors in the past, such as skulls in Halloween themed colors. This opens up many possibilities for subtly referencing the classic polishes of the "Animal Crossing" series, such as light brown polishes with green Nook leaf confetti, or soft green polishes and colorful bells shaped like bags of bells. Confetti. Nail polish can use simpler colors to create more interesting possibilities. For example, pink and glitter represent Isabel for Animal Crossing, rainbow purple is based on Label, and red and star glitter represent Celeste.

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Push nails are another product that may work well with the Animal Crossing design. KISS and its sister brand ImPRESS Nails sell press nails with solid colors and unique designs. Not only is the design inspired by "Animal Crossing" very cute to wear, but it is also available in adult and child sizes. Families who play "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" together can also do nails together, whether it is painted with polish or pressed nails.

Everyone can use packages, so it’s no surprise that they are often included in video game special edition packages. From the controversial canvas bags from "Mana Tensei V" to "Fallout 76", bags with the theme of video games are nothing new. Games like "Animal Crossing" have a wide range of character customization and fashionable clothing, and are particularly suitable for cooperation with a brand that sells bags, such as bags that players can equip in the game.

The Vera Bradley brand has cooperated with Harry Potter and Peanuts and other brands as well as Disney and other brands. Although generally known for its floral and paisley motifs, in addition to the aforementioned collaborations, Vera Bradley has also achieved success in patterns such as animals and large non-repetitive prints. They also produce a variety of bag types, from handbags to more traditional wallets, from backpacks to travel bags, and even accessories such as wallets, keychains and blankets, all of which are suitable for animal crossing patterns, colors and designs.

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Potential designs may include various animal forest NPCs, villagers, and landmark buildings. Each of the four seasons may have a different design, not only changing the color, but even the trees and characters displayed in the game itself. Compared with autumn designs, summer designs may have Kapp'n, palm trees, summer shells, and octopus villagers, while autumn designs may have autumn-colored hardwood trees, maple leaves, Brewster, and some deer villagers as potential examples. This will provide fans with different bags that can be used throughout the year, and it will be fun to coordinate with their Animal Crossing-themed cosmetics and shoes. The brand's Animal Crossing accessories in this hypothetical scene can beautify the bags and clothing that fans already own.

Stationery products include daily necessities that are very suitable for Animal Crossing. Hobonichi’s incredible success 2022 Animal Crossing: New Horizons theme planner cover confirms people’s interest in it, and the number of plans to decorate the island in New Horizons makes it a game worth keeping in mind. Even if fans do not plan their game activities or use the planner in their daily lives, they still use items such as notebooks, notepads, pens, and desk organizers.

There are many stationery and office product brands that can cooperate with Animal Crossing, but Erin Condren stands out. The brand has already collaborated with Sanrio, which has already collaborated with Animal Crossing in New Leaf and New Horizons. Erin Condren has made many types of planners and notebooks to meet the different needs of fans, as well as notepads and other desktop accessories. If printed with animal crossing patterns, they can add luster to any room. Just like potential bag crossovers, stationery can be used by anyone. Notebook covers and pen holders can use any combination of characters, settings and other details in the Animal Crossing series, making them truly unique and sought after by fans. Most importantly, they are very practical, so they will get continuous use and consistent demand.

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