Art gifts for children

2021-12-10 10:08:30 By : Mr. Simon lei

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Art gifts are indeed the best gifts for children. They are quiet, cunning and creative lifeguards that can inspire children to turn off the screen and use their imagination. From cognitive growth to socio-emotional development to the improvement of executive function skills, there is a wealth of evidence supporting the benefits of encouraging children to explore artistically.

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Whether you know a budding child, you know a child who needs to be more creative, or don’t know what to buy for your loved one, your child (and their parents) will receive an artistic gift. Here are some of our favorite art toys, suitable for kids of any age to inspire their inner Michelangelo (or Banksy, depending on the child).

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Most suitable age: 18 months and above

Finger painting is an introductory medium to make your children fascinated by art. It combines the sense of touch and vision to make children beautiful and messy. These are easy to unfold, the squeezable tubes are very satisfying, and kids can easily crush huge and satisfying colors. These finger paints are not only fun to use, but their formulas are safe for young children. They are safe, non-toxic and completely washable for easy cleaning after creation.

Buy Crayola washable finger paint on Amazon for only $22.95

Most suitable age: 5 years old and above

The trend of unboxing, 5 surprise balls is all the rage on TikTok and tweens. Now they can make them themselves (only less plastic is needed). This crafty kit will teach kids how to make five different unboxing balls, from unicorns to smiley faces, and even come with surprise toys to fill them up. We like this toy, not only because of its craftiness, but also because once it is made, it will encourage children to share and share with their friends.

Get the exquisite 5-Surprise Balls set for only $12.51

Most suitable age: 7 years old and above

All the fun of tie-dye, but no chaos! This kit can keep their tie-dyeing habits while also providing them with plenty of ideas for new projects. The kit includes everything they need to maximize their creativity. We also like that it contains a very cool device, which contains activities, allowing them to better control their process, while also making cleanup a breeze.

You can buy a tie-dye design studio at Target for only $13.99

Most suitable age: 2 years old and above

The ergonomic design of the grip crayons and thick stamps in this set make it a perfect starter set for young artists. The stamps feel great in their little hands, and because of the shape, they not only help strengthen the child’s grip, but also ensure that they leave an even image on the paper (this helps to alleviate any frustrations of the child) ). The contoured edges of the crayons help teach children the correct grasping skills.

Buy my first set of stamps at Maisonette for only $20.99

Most suitable age: 4 years old and above

Dinosaurs are one of the greatest wonders in the world, and so is the imagination of children. This fun kit is full of fun things and bracelets for kids to use out of the box. This project encourages children to go back in time and make their own dinosaur species.

Buy the Kid Made Modern Dinosaur Craft Kit at Maisonette for only $17.49

Most suitable age: 2 years old and above

If you are looking for a less cluttered choice for an artist who is undergoing training, these dot markers are the right choice. They are splash-proof, making it easy for kids to create large-scale stippling projects or use them as thick markers. These are also for shattering: their reinforced nibs ensure that no matter how enthusiastic your child is for their art projects, the marking nibs will not be destroyed in the process.

Buy a washable 8-color Dab and dot marker pack set on Amazon for only $17.99

Most suitable age: 3 years old and above

Every artist dreams of having an exotic pet one day. Forget tigers and Komodo dragons, your children will love the snowman, unicorn, dragon and narwhal in this creative kit. Let their imagination determine the appearance of these mythical creatures, then let them scrub them, wash off their colors, and recreate them.

Buy the Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Peculiar Pets bag on Amazon for only $25.99

Most suitable age: 5 years old and above

Paper mache is a kind of fun children's crafts, easy to pull, can really release children's creativity. This decoration kit has everything they need to make a series of beautiful custom holiday baubles that can be hung on a tree or given as a gift.

Get the Paper Mache decoration kit for only $17.49

Most suitable age: 4 years old and above

Hang it on the wall, use it as a placemat, or use it to cover the drawing surface. This personalized and reusable coloring pad is specially designed for graffiti. Customize it with your child's name and their favorite theme. The washable marker of this art toy will wipe it clean and it will be used again and again. You can get various sizes of products according to your child-wall-mounted size or placemat size.

Buy The Doodle Roll at starting at $43

Most suitable age: 5 years old and above

Do a quick search on Instagram and you will find that petroglyphs have become a huge trend. Artists draw the rocks into a picture and leave them around the town for passers-by to find and collect. Whether they want to make a permanent piece of pet rock or join the trend of hide-and-seek rock, this kit has everything they need to get started.

Amazon Kid's Kipipol Rock Painting Set for $19.99

Most suitable age: 3 years old and above

This small artist studio has everything your kids need to unleash their creativity and everything you need to store their growing art supplies in a clean and tidy place. Full of caddies, splash cups, drying racks and smart space-saving storage space, this is a perfect mini studio and a lovely creative center for any game room.

Buy KidKraft wooden art table with drying rack and storage box on Amazon for only $129.99

These kits by Hey, Clay are very cool and very suitable for teaching children new concepts of clay crafts. These interactive toolkits combine art with excellent and very interesting teaching applications. They have six different kits, including monsters, aliens, animals, birds, bugs and dinosaurs. These kits can really stimulate your child's creativity. The app provides cute, clear and truly age-appropriate step-by-step instructions to make your child smile and create. The kit comes with moldable, air-dried fluffy clay; when the doll is finished and dried, this durable clay allows children to play with colorful creatures and collect them like a doll.

Shop. Hey Clay set by Fat Brain Toys for $21.95

Most suitable age: 3 years old and above

As far as we are concerned, Ed Emberley's books are definitely the best choice for teaching children how to draw. The illustrator who won the Caldecott medal cracked the codes of children and taught them how to use simple shapes that can be combined to create masterpieces. These books can not only help children create satisfying pictures, but also uncover the mystery of art for children who may be afraid of taking pictures to a new level. Suddenly, as Emberley breaks down each painting step by step in a clever way, you will see their confidence and creativity grow.

Buy Ed Emberley drawing books on Amazon

Most suitable age: 6 years old and above

These gel crayons are pure magic, leaving a little sparkle. They leave bold color strokes, and the wet brush strokes magically turn into watercolor paintings. Because they are made of gel instead of wax, their brushstrokes are bolder and more dynamic, and they can be used on mirrors and glass-both for your child to use a new creative medium to inspire Their creative inspiration can also be temporarily installed in your bathroom until they can be easily cleaned by swiping with a damp cloth.

Buy Ooly Gel Crayons on Amazon starting at $9.99

Most suitable age: 5 years old and above

This genius little machine really makes children think about 3D art and introduces them to the art of quilling. They can roll up simple strips of paper and shape them into colorful multidimensional works. The electric take-up station is so cool that even a 5-year-old can easily explore it. The pre-glued cards and strips make this a mess-free introduction, but once they run out of the kit, they should come up nicely with new ideas for self-expression.

Spyrosity Spyro Station can be purchased on Amazon for only $27.99

Most suitable age: 2 years old and above

For kids who are constantly looking for inspiring new projects, we like Kiwi Crates. These STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) suites truly take the artistic part of STEAM to a whole new level. Kiwi Crates promotes creativity and design, while also inspiring some left-brain learning. Recently KiwiCo launched an art-focused series called Doodle Crates, which is very suitable for children 9 years old and above. However, for young children, you will still find plenty of options to fully integrate art into engineering and scientific craftsmanship.

Buy Kiwi Crates at

Most suitable age: 5 years old and above

Ideal for tactile artists, this is an interesting sensory project, but it also allows children to really think about how to use different media in new ways. Since the layering aspect of clay helps smooth and shape, it is also an excellent introduction to more advanced art media such as oil painting and painted painting.

Buy the Faber-Castell Coloring with Clay kit on Amazon, starting at $11.49

Most suitable age: 3 years old and above

Think of your tree as your child's art gallery! This ingenious little machine allows children to create truly unique works of art. They can be hung on trees or given as souvenirs to grandma and grandpa. The sound of the machine makes them feel like one of Santa’s elves, handcrafted in their studio, and the controlled rotation of the battery-powered machine allows the children to keep the perfect decorations while making colorful works. The included marker dries quickly and is full of energy, but we played with it for a while, and this applies to all types of markers, including flash markers, to add luster to the holiday.

You can buy the TreeMendous Ornament Decorating Kit on Amazon for only $27.99

Most suitable age: 7 years old and above

This crafty kit is for kids who like to decorate with their own figure. The entire Lego Dots series is about children who pay attention to details, and their suits are the perfect gift for children who want to use their design skills. This luxurious multi-piece allows children to make pencil holders, picture frames, key chains and bracelets. We like to mix and match options so that children can create patterns based on directions or expand their own designs.

Get the Lego Dots Summer Vibe set for only $24.99

Most suitable age: 8 years old and above

Polymer clay is an interesting and creative craft medium that is becoming more and more popular in TikTok and other places. A non-toxic, quick-drying clay, it is a good hand-made medium for children who have grown up from Play-Doh and want to raise their clay work to the next level. This DIY polymer clay plate is an excellent introduction to making this clay, and teaches various cool skills such as shaping, marbling and finishing. Finally, they have a very useful snack tray to keep or give away.

Buy a DIY Clay Jewelry Dish kit on Amazon for only $19.99

Most suitable age: 2 years old and above

Any budding artist needs his own easel. There are many easels to choose from, but this one is more important than other easels. We like that this painting is double-sided, with a white board and chalk board, and a paper roller on the top, which can be scrolled down quickly to provide a steady stream of paintings and pastel drawings. It is equipped with a wealth of paint trays and trays for storing art supplies, which can be easily folded after completion.

You can buy Fixget Kids wooden double-sided whiteboard and blackboard vertical easel on Amazon for only $82.99

All Osmo learning kits combine digital games with physical components to provide a very cool interactive experience. This animator kit is particularly interesting because it not only teaches children basic drawing skills, but also uses iconic Pixar characters to bring their drawings to life. If your children are interested in animation, this funny toy will fully attract them and inspire their creative inspiration.

Get the Osmo Creative Starter Kit for only $57.94

Most suitable age: 7 years old and above

Bring new elements to their art. Tracing is an excellent technique for learning lines and details and helping children train their hands to create new shapes. This light-emitting board allows them to track with clean, clear lines so they can learn without being frustrated by "doing it right." Luminous elements make it a fun travel toy, they can be used to practice art in a dark car or airplane.

Crayola Light-up Tracing Coloring Board and Tracing Paper can be purchased on Amazon for only $35.48

Most suitable age: 8 years old and above

For cool classics that never go out of style, there is Original Spirograph. The perennial favorite has been upgraded to 12 wheels in a new shape. You will feel nostalgic when they open the box, and you may find yourself stealing this so you can test drive the new shape.

Buy the original Spirograph on Amazon for only $24.98

Most suitable age: 3 years old and above

If they like Play-Doh but are ready for a modeling dough game, they will love this colorful modeling compound, which dries into a soft, squishy pillow-like texture. Mixy Squish is a clay-like compound that is easy to air dry; despite its soft texture, the final product is durable enough to make souvenirs. The deluxe bag comes with 12 colors and interesting combinations such as glitter and rainbow foam balls, allowing children to take their clay creations to a new level.

Buy the Mixy Squish Mega Pack on Amazon for only $17.99

Most suitable age: 8 years old and above

Let them take their paintings to new heights-literally! 3D drawing allows them to build their 3D work from scratch, making usable objects of their own design. They can build anything they can imagine, from 3D shapes to dollhouse furniture to action figures and more!

You can buy the 3Doodler 3D Pen Starter Kit on Amazon for only $48.06

Most suitable age: 4 years old and above

They can dream of art, and then when they wake up, they can make their vivid dreams come true. When your children can truly express themselves through their own creations, why buy pillowcases with patterns? There are five different designs: dinosaurs, home decor, space exploration, maps, and originals-this gave them the blank slate they really created.

Buy Eatsleepdoodle Doodle pillowcases on Amazon for only $19.95

Most suitable age: 6 years old and above

After receiving all these great holiday gifts, your child will need to be one step ahead on their thank you card-and this is the toy that helps them do that. This spin and splash kit uses centrifugal force to create vibrant and unique works of art, and has a protective cover to prevent confusion when your child is creative.

You can buy the Creative Kids Spin & Paint Art Kit on Amazon for only $29.99

Most suitable age: 8 years old and above

Your children can use this hand-cranked jewellery maker to design clothes and share their creations. Just by turning the handle, they can spin the thread into a clever work in a few minutes. The kit comes with five different thread colors and a series of stylish buckles to complete the homemade accessories that are as unique as them.

You can buy the Cool Maker KumiKreator Necklace and Friendship Bracelet Maker on Amazon for only $19.99

Most suitable age: 8 years old and above

This is an entire pottery studio in a small package! You really have everything your emerging ceramic artist needs for a true pottery experience! The battery-powered, pedal-operated wheels mean that wet hands are safe, and the absence of an on/off switch means the battery can last longer. There are grooves on the surface of the wheel to help hold the clay firmly in the center, which is especially important for novice potters.

You can buy Faber-Castell Pottery Studio on Amazon for only $59.99

Most suitable age: 8 years old and above

Imagine your crayons being destroyed and repurposed is more fun than ever! With the Crayola Crayon melter, this dream becomes a reality. The crayon melts into a paintbrush, and it becomes a new way of creating creation with heated melted wax! Children can use melted crayons to paint and graffiti on various surfaces, not only to create texture, but also to let the vitality of crayons for artistic creation on various surfaces such as wood, glass, pottery and canvas.

Buy Crayola Crayon Melter on Amazon for $13.75

Most suitable age: 10 years old and above

String art is a very cool technique that combines art and geometry to produce incredible 3D works of art. Although it may seem complicated on the surface, it actually only requires pushpins, art, and a reliable introduction to get started. Your child will not believe that something as simple as a pin and chord can create such a cool work of art, and this highly rated kit unveils the mystery of the whole process. The accompanying book teaches three simple techniques-graffiti, fan and zigzag-so children can follow the steps of the 15 items included or make their own.

Buy Klutz String Art Kit on Amazon for only $14.99

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