High-Proficient Typical Pineapple Production Line for Pineapple Juice, Jam or Snacks Processing

General Introduction of the whole line:The manufacture of pineapple juice is a good example of the interaction of plant breeders, horticulturists, food technologist and engineers in an industrial process that evolved over many decades. Peeling and coring equipment was predicated on a cylindrical pineapple, figuratively the shape

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General Introduction of the whole line:

The manufacture of pineapple juice is a good example of the interaction of plant breeders, horticulturists, food technologist and engineers in an industrial process that evolved over many decades. Peeling and coring equipment was predicated on a cylindrical pineapple, figuratively the shape and diameter of a number 21/2 can (~99 mm diameter by ~109 mm height). The `Smooth Cayenne' (Figure 1) was well suited to the Ginaca machine that, in a series of operations turned a cleaned, crown and root-free, whole pineapple into an intact cylinder (subsequently sliced into rings), core and extracted flesh from the residual side peel and 2 ends. Several sizes of Ginacas accommodate inspected and sized uniformly cylindrical fruit at the rate of over 90 fruit/minute, while off shape fruit are routed to other uses for instance juice or vinegar.

Figure 1: Smooth Cayenne pineapple.

The juice was and to some extent still is a by-product of solid pack operations. The following table shows the partitioning of processed pineapple products in roughly descending order. A fresh whole fruit or the cored and peeled flesh has the highest market value, but a limited shelf life, up to three weeks under proper conditions. Large slices in syrup or juice are next in value. Broken slices and smaller fruit can be cut into spears and chunks. The odd pieces are diced into ~1 cm cubes as crush. These operations generate a large amount of juice. The eradicator flesh (scooped from the peel or shell and ends), together with peeled off-size/shape fruit and core, are comminuted and passed through a finisher or screw press. Screening and centrifugation of these fractions is necessary to remove skin specks or eyes and adjusts the pulp level for blending with other juice streams.

Hierarchy of pineapple products.



Fresh fruit, whole

Careful selection with refrigerated holding

Fresh peeled and cored

Refrigerated cylinder, slices, or spears

Whole slices

Frozen or thermally processed in No.21/2 to No.1 cans

Spears and chunks

Odd or broken rings, frozen or thermal processed


Eradicator flesh, frozen or thermal processed


Canned single strength or frozen concentrate


From combined process waste streams



The pineapple thus goes from intact fruit to at least five separate product streams within several minutes in a high throughput, labour efficient, capital intensive system. Many pineapple cultivars are ideally suited for juice, including some with exceptional flavour, but lighter in colour than the typical "pineapple yellow" of `Smooth Cayanne'. Of course, odd sized, noncylindrical-shaped cultivars and fruit with deep seed pockets are not amenable to a Ginaca machine. In these cases, other mechanical or even hand peeling/coring devices are used. Yet, given the commercial effectiveness of ginaca type operations, it is hard to compete with anything less than a highly mechanized operation.

Thorough comminution of pineapple flesh and cores followed by passing the slurry though finishers with ~0.5 to 1-mm screens produces a pulpy juice of 12 to 15ºBrix and °Brix/A around 20. Decanting centrifugation then adjusts the pulp (insoluble solids) level to 12 to 24 percent (HooperAshurst, 1995).

Pineapple juice with a pH of ~3.5 can tolerate moderate thermal processing. A fill temperature of 70ºC followed by rapid heating to 95ºC or a hot fill at ~90ºC with rapid cooling in both cases maintain quality. Major quality defects are: excessive heating or slow cooling, resulting in a dark, scorched juice; too little or too much pulp creating a thin or thick consistency; excessive shell material yielding dark specks and harsh flavour. Home or village processing operations exist where under/over ripe or spoilt fruit are juiced with poor results. The juice can be concentrated to 72ºBrix with or without essence recovery and add-back. The frozen concentrate has a global market as reconstituted juice or a major blending stock. Pineapple is either the base or component of many juice and beverage blends. The trade demands a bright yellow colour, however, some pale yellow, even whitish-fleshed cultivars, when fully ripe can have an excellent flavour, although only appreciated locally.

Despite the impressive efficiency and automation of all pineapple operations, from production through juice processing and shipping, competitive pressure from low labour and land cost Pacific Rim countries have largely decimated the Hawaiian pineapple processing industry. Since the early 1960s when Ginacas and other high throughput equipment became available outside the United States, efficient, low cost producers have captured the majority of global markets for processed pineapple.

These lines rapidly replaced hundreds of workers manually performing mundane preparation steps. Migration of the Hawaiian pineapple industry and ongoing shifts of citrus processing from Florida to Brazil and elsewhere serve as both an inducement and challenge to entrepreneurs interested in exploiting a region's juice potential. Given an adequate infrastructure, sufficient capital and skilled labour, developing regions can compete effectively against industrialized countries, but so can their evolving competitors.

Main equipment descriptions:
 Bucket Elevator1. Smooth bucket structure against clamping fruits, suitable for tomato, strawberry, apple, pear, apricot, etc.
2. Running stably with low noise, speed adjustable by transducer.
3. Anticorrosive bearings, double sides seal.
High-Proficient Typical Pineapple Production Line for Pineapple Juice, Jam or Snacks Processing
Air Blowing & Washing Machine1 Used to wash fresh tomato, strawberry, mango, etc.
2 Special design of surfing and bubbling to ensure a through cleaning and lessening the damage to the fruit as well.
3 Suitable for many kinds of fruit or vegetables, such as tomatoes, strawberry, apple,mango,etc.
High-Proficient Typical Pineapple Production Line for Pineapple Juice, Jam or Snacks Processing
Peeling, pulping & Refining Monobloc
1. The unit can peel, pulp and refine fruits together.
2. The aperture of strainer screen can be adjustable (change) based on customer's requirement.
3. Incorporated Italian technology, high quality stainless steel material in contact with fruit material.
High-Proficient Typical Pineapple Production Line for Pineapple Juice, Jam or Snacks Processing
Belt press extractor1. Widely used in extracting and dehydrating of many kinds of acinus, pip fruits, and vegetables.
2. the unit adopt advanced technology, big press and high efficiency, high degree of automatic, easy to operate and maintains.
3. the extraction rate can be get 75-85%(based on raw material)
4. low investment and high efficiency
High-Proficient Typical Pineapple Production Line for Pineapple Juice, Jam or Snacks Processing
Evaporator1. Adjustable and contrllable direct contact heat treatment units.
2. Shortest possible residence time, presence of a thin film along the entire length of the tubes reduces holdup and residence time.
3. Special design of liquid distribution systems to ensure correct tube coverage. The feed enters at the top of the calandria where a distributor ensures film formation on the inside surface of each tube.
4. The vapor flow is co-current to the liquid and the vapor drag improves the heat transfer. The vapor and the remaining liquid are separated in a cyclone separator. 
5. Efficient design of separators.
6. Multiple effect arrangement provides steam economy.
High-Proficient Typical Pineapple Production Line for Pineapple Juice, Jam or Snacks Processing
UHT Tubular sterilizer
1. The united is consisted of product receiving tank, superheated water tank, pumps, product dual filter, tubular superheated water generate system, tube in tube heat exchanger, PLC control system, Control cabinet, steam inlet system, valves and sensors, etc.
2. Incorporated Italian technology and conform to Euro-standard
3. Great heat exchange area, low energy consumption and easy maintenance
4. Adopt mirror welding tech and keep the smooth pipe joint
5. Auto backtrack if not enough sterilization
6. CIP and auto SIP available together with aseptic filler
7. Liquid level and temp controlled on real time
High-Proficient Typical Pineapple Production Line for Pineapple Juice, Jam or Snacks Processing

Tropical pineapple processing line Specification:
Brand NameSHJUMP
Model NumberJP-SJPL-0315
Raw materialfresh apple fruits
Main workflowwashing  sorting peeling  pulping → refining → (evaporating )→ sterilizng  filling
End products packageAseptic bag/ gable top box /PET bottle
Capacity100kg-10t Per Hour
End productapple juice, apple pulp, apple jam, apple concentrated juice
Final product brix7-12 brix (for juice)
Voltage380V 50Hz/ 110V 60hz 415V 50Hz(adjustable to client's country standard)
Power consumption(Kw)energy saving type, about 100-500kw,
Operator neededAbout 6-20 persons
Main material for machinesSUS304 or SUS316
Cooling water consumption80-3200M3
Factory space needed500-1500M2
Steam consumption300-5000T/H
Place of OriginChina
Manufacturer historyMore than 10 years
Warranty12 months after commissioning

Our Advantages----Turnkey solution:

No need worry if you know little about how to carry out the plant in your country.We not only offer the equipment to you,but also provide one-stop service, including your warehouse designing (water, electricity ,steam channel distribution) , staff training, whole line installation and debugging etc.


# Consulting + Conception
As a first step and prior to project implementation, we will provide to you profoundly experienced and highly competent consulting services. Based on an extensive and thorough analysis of your actual situation and requirements we will develop your customized solution(s). In our understanding, customer-focused consultation means that all steps planned - from the initial conception phase to the final phase of implementation - will be conducted in a transparent and comprehensible manner.

Project Planning
A professional project planning approach is a prerequisite for the realization of complex automation projects. On the basis of each individual assignment we calculate time frames and resources, and define milestones and objectives. Due to our close contact and cooperation with you, in all project phases, this goal-oriented planning ensures the successful realization of your investment project.

# Design + Engineering
Our specialists in the fields of mechatronics, control engineering, programming, and software development closely cooperate in the development phase. With the support of professional development tools , these jointly developed conceptions will then be translated into design and work plans.

Production + Assembly
In the production phase, our experienced engineers will implement our innovative ideas in turn-key plants. The close coordination between our project managers and our assembly teams ensures efficient and high-quality production results. After the successful completion of the test phase, the plant will be handed over to you. 

Integration + Commissioning
In order to reduce any interference with associated production areas and processes to a minimum, and to guarantee a smooth set-up, the installation of your plant will be conducted by the engineers and service technicians who have been assigned to and accompanied the individual project development and production stages. Our experienced staff will ensure that all required interfaces work, and your plant will be successfully put into operation.

**Thoughtful After-sale services:

1). We make accurate factory layout design according to customer's factory size; if the customer needed, we could make workshop design.
2). After receiving firm order and down payment, we start to apply for the Visa to your country immediately; while the machines arrives your factory, our engineers are ready to start for the commissioning service.
3). 1-2 of our engineers will go to your factory to install and adjust the processing line to realize normal production at shortest time.
4). Our engineers have responsibility to teach the workers how to operate, clean, maintain and repair all the machines, until the workers could well operate the processing line.
5). Our engineers can provide basic formula for the production, and help the customer to produce good quality food according customer's detailed formula
6). It normally costs 10-14 days for the commissioning service, and we supply 1 year guarantee from the date of completion of commissioning service.

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Shanghai Jump company professional keeping leadership position in fruit juice & frui jam processing line and machinery. We also have made brilliant achievements in other fruit& vegetable beverage equipments, such as:

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3. Sauce production line for mango sauce, strawberry sauce, cranberry sauce, canned hawthorn sauce etc.

We grasped proficient technology and advanced biological enzyme technology, successfully applied in more than 120 domestic and foreign jam &juice production lines and we has helped client gain excellent products and good economic benefits.

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>1.What's the estimated capacity? Namely,how many pineapple will be processed hourly? 
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>3.Will this project be cost-oriented or quality-driven? 

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