Hainan Fresh Pineapple Powder/ Pineapple Juice Powder Drink

The pineapple belongs to the bromeliad, the pineapple is a perennial herbaceous fruit plant pineapple fruit, contain large amounts of fructose, glucose, protein, amino acids, organic acids, vitamins&n

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The pineapple belongs to the bromeliad, the pineapple is a perennial herbaceous fruit plant pineapple fruit, contain large amounts of fructose, glucose, protein, amino acids, organic acids, vitamins and other ingredients.
Still contain an enzyme that can break down proteins. Particularly in the highest vitamin C content.


The pineapple powder is more than 90purityjust adding maltodextrin as a carrier
Keep fresh nutrition and pure pineapple flavor, good instant
No synthetic pigments, no chemical essences or flavors and no preservative agents. 


1) Use for solid beverage, mixed fruit juice drinks
2) Use for Ice cream, pudding or other desserts
3) Use for health care products
4) Use for snack seasoning, sauces, condiments
5) Use for baking food

Hainan Fresh Pineapple Powder/ Pineapple Juice Powder Drink

Nutrition Information
Content per 100g

Nutrition factsContentNutrition factsContent

Packing: 5kg/bag, 3bags/ctn, as per your requirement
Stored: cool, ventilated, dried place preservation

Shelf: 18 months under well storage situation and stored away from direct sun light

Free samples for testing! 

Hainan Fresh Pineapple Powder/ Pineapple Juice Powder Drink

Physical and Chemical Indicators

Appearance: powder, powder loosing, no agglomeration, no visible impurity
Color: yellow, light yellow
Odor: odor of fresh pineapple
Ingredient: Natural lemon 90%
Solubility: ≥ 92%
Water: ≤ 5%
Colony-Forming Units: < 1000
Coliform: ≤ 40
Molds: ≤ 50
Salmonella: Not detected
Shigella: Not detected
Staphy lococcus aureus: Not detected

Hainan Fresh Pineapple Powder/ Pineapple Juice Powder Drink

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