10 animations you didn't know are purely to promote the product

2021-12-08 05:38:02 By : Ms. Hong Jorna Su

Japanese companies have found the most creative way to attract audiences-nothing more than their favorite media animation!

It’s no secret that companies all over the world know the influence of animation. They seized the opportunity to collaborate with animation studios and television companies to promote their products through short but colorful and interesting presentations.

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Over the years, animation marketing has become more and more popular. Japanese companies and even companies all over Asia have produced multiple episodes of "anime style" advertisements to sell their various products and services. Using eye-catching aesthetics to attract a wider audience is a smart business move. In the age of social media, words spread quickly. Famous animations such as "One Piece", "Attack on Titan" and "Gintama" have collaborated to advertise drinks, sports events and even razors. But there are also some anime-style advertisements and promotional works that even experienced fans may not know.

No one would expect Studio Colorido to be an animation company for popular mobile games. It is the animation studio behind games such as Burning Witch and Star Wars: Phantom.

Japanese game company GungHo Online Entertainment collaborated with animation studios to produce two 37-second animations to promote one of their most famous games: Puzzles and Dragons. In one of the ads, a group of high school students gathered to play games on their mobile phones. This is combined with the colorful and chaotic scenes of some game-related themes. Puzzles & Dragons came out in 2013 and has been downloaded more than 50 million times worldwide.

Japanese companies have found many unique ways to promote their products, one of which is through the most popular anime. In 2016, Japanese lottery system Takarakuji partnered with One Piece to promote their latest scratch cards.

This 15-second animation is played synchronously with the One Piece movie that aired in July 2016. Of course, Monkey D. Luffy (Monkey D. Luffy), the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, rushed to find people playing the newly scratched island stand. As he learned more about the lottery, his enthusiasm became infectious, which was what Takarakuji was counting on when he created this promotional animation.

Fans proficient in Studio Ghibli may remember two episodes of the animation "Uma Cha" in the early 2000s. As part of the collaboration with Asahi Beverages, the studio behind famous movies such as Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle released this short film.

Umacha's animation style is a rougher storyboard version, similar to their 1999 movie "My Neighbor Yamada." In the typical Studio Ghibli style, both episodes are lighthearted and enjoyable, as adults in daily life are living their lives while enjoying iced tea from Asahi Beverage Company.

Love life! Fans (especially fans of Maki Nishiki) may be the only ones who remember this 15-second promotional "anime". The collaboration was released in 2015 as a project with the famous food company Glico. Fans voted for the role of μ to be Glico's new candidate girl, and chose the tsundere who plays the piano.

In response to μ's single "Angelic Angel", Maki dances in various costumes while chewing on Glico's new gum "Watering KissMint". There are many flavors of chewing gum, and the packaging shows a subgroup of μ's, who are wearing angel costumes from Love Live! movie.

There is no shortage of strange anime created in Japan, and Tottori makes it easier to turn around. There is little information about this 30-second animation, and it is presumed that Tottori Prefecture is its creator.

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It revolves around a swimmer who left Tottori University to participate in a professional competition, but at the last minute he changed his mind and "turned around" to go home to find a job. Nevertheless, this is a strange marketing strategy, but it is not clear whether it is necessary. After all, after the previous free release, Tottori has already attracted tourists! The Rock Cliff Swimming Club takes place in the same county.

Kyoto Animation has a way to showcase its breathtaking and unique artistic style. They provide a 30-second animation shop that you want to visit.

This animation aired in July 2012 and tells the story of an unknown girl getting off a mechanical airplane. She walked across a field and found a mysterious shop in what looked like an abandoned building. This animation is to promote the gift shop of Kyoto Animation. They sell a variety of goods, such as animated cels, keychains, and other items related to many popular animes.

Japanese construction company Taisei is another well-known company that uses animation to promote itself. Since the early 2010s, they have used 30-second "anime" to promote their services, and their construction projects can be seen everywhere in Asia.

Their most recent project is another anime promo film "Dacheng Boxing: Singapore" released in 2018. Dacheng built the Thomson-East Coastline, a subway system connecting Thomson and the East Coastline. The beautiful and dreamy picture is reminiscent of Shinkai Makoto's other movies.

The short and sweet anime anthology "Your Way" has as much drama as the standard length series. But what fans may not know is that the ONA series of three episodes is an advertisement for a tire company.

As early as 2017, Dunlop Tire Japan Co., Ltd. collaborated with Sunrise to create the "Road to You" series, which will launch a new series every year. Each episode focuses on the relationship between childhood friends, family and colleagues. They all have related plots that anyone can enjoy, making the audience feel warm and fuzzy...maybe you want to buy some Dunlop tires.

Lasting a lifetime with love is a particularly "sweet" way to promote caramel candy. Morinaga Milk collaborated with Studio 4°C in Detroit Metal City to produce a 2-minute "movie" to celebrate their 100th anniversary.

The 2013 animation focused on the story of a young housewife jumping around between doing housework and taking care of a crying baby. She noticed that a box of Morinaga milk caramel was opened, and one of the caramel was floating closer to her. The young woman found herself reminiscing about her childhood and how her mother caramelized her to calm her down.

Instant noodle company and Taste have a history of cooperating to promote their products through animation. They have worked with several big-name games such as Gintama, Re:Zero and Sword Art Online.

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In 2020, He Weidao cooperated with A-1 Pictures to launch two OVA series composed of characters from the famous anime "Lord Hui Ye: Love Is War". The animation was a huge success in 2019, attracting widespread attention on social media through hilarious memes and addictive dance sequences. Given its popularity, no one knows that such cooperation is a mystery.

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